training - boundarykennels


We have a dedicated Training Hall so that training can be carried out in comfort at all times of year, outside facilities being used when appropriate. All training is carried out on-site and we are unable to offer visits to your home.

Group classes are offered during the week, mornings only, held between 10.30-11.30am. They are offered as a course of 5-6 weeks, with a one off payment expected for the full course.

Puppies (following completion of vaccinations) and owners are asked to come for a short visit by appointment prior to attending a course to familiarise your puppy with the hall and so that you can meet Nick and he can show you the type of advice/training given before you attend. Dogs with specific requirements will also be asked to do the same.

We try and place both puppies and dogs in classes appropriate to their needs so there may only be one particular day of the week upon which you can attend. We also need to have a minimum number of dogs for a class to run. All classes are small with a maximum of 5-6 dogs.

Upon completing initial puppy and follow-on puppy classes, classes may be available for more advanced teaching incorporating working dog and obedience techniques. Like all other training this is taught positively and is a wonderful way to increase your bond with a dog and is not just for “working dogs”.

For dogs with more specific needs or for those unable to attend during class times, individual one-to-one sessions may be available at other times during the day according to our timetable, i.e. quieter periods. Please enquire.