requirements - boundarykennels


It is essential that your dog is fully up to date with their vaccinations, flea and worming treatment. Please ask your vet to advise if unsure.

You must provide evidence of vaccination at every visit in the form of a certificate which will be kept by us during your dogs stay. This is to comply with licensing requirements and your dog will be unable to stay without it.

We ask that you provide your dogs usual food with details of amounts given and any treats if usually used. We do give a bedtime treat to all dogs in kennels as we say goodnight, so please advise of any allergies or intolerances.

Any toys deemed appropriate and safe to leave a dog unattended with as well as comfort items, blankets or bedding (clean please) may also be left if desired or we can provide these. We provide all eating and drinking bowls apart from anti-gulp bowls, so if used please bring.

Please advise us of required medication needs and any changes in your dog’s health or recent operations before their stay. This includes bitches coming into season to enable us to place them appropriately within kennels.

If your dog has not stayed with us for a long period of time you may be asked to re-start the induction period. Also if you have previously boarded several dogs together and require boarding for only one, we would wish to reassess their contentment within the kennel environment.

During any dog’s stay during their life-time we will inform you of any changes in them that may indicate that they are finding it harder to be away from home or yourselves, be it through aging, anxiety, changes in circumstance, illness, dementia and behavioural issues. It may be at this point that we feel we can no longer provide the right environment for them.